3 Tips for Effective Guest Posting

Guest Posting is really one of the best technique to get free quality backlinks, traffic and new readers to blog and website. However it needs some efforts to make it successful and effective. Let me share 3 tips with you, that will help you in writing a quality post for guest posting blogs.

1. Avoid Paragraphs

I personally don’t like articles that are too lengthy and has no headings and sub headings. If you want to get approved your article, then add headings and sub headings to your article. It will deliver more information to the readers and thus blog owner will publish the article on his blog.

2. Promote Your Guest Post

Your job is not limited upto only writing the article, but you should also promote your article through social media, linking and commenting. The higher the Page Rank of the article, the maximum benefits you will get from the post/article.

3. Keep Commenting in Your Post

Don’t forget to answer all the comments made on your guest post. In this way readers will love to see your articles in future, and you will make new friends. As you all know, blogging is all about networking. Thus keep connected with your readers and keep the discussion healthy.

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What is Guest Posting or Blogging?

Guest Posting or Guest Blogging is a technique through which bloggers and website owners can submit articles to niche (related) blogs for the sack of getting free quality, stable and relevant link + new readers and free traffic.

Due to tap competition and time shortage it is now difficult for bloggers and website owners to promote there products, services and blog. As you all know backlinks are one of the most important factor that boost up Search Engine Ranking Position and improve traffic. Therefor getting quality and stable links is very necessary.

Guest Posting is such technique through which you can get unlimited quality links for your blog or website. Find at least 10 blogs and submit at least 5 articles to every blog. You will get 50 quality and stable links from established and popular blogs.

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